Building Extension and Structural Alterations


A house renovation or extension is an exciting project for the family. A house renovation or extension project may include an extension of interior spaces, wall removal, an internal staircase, multilevel additions, new decking extension and others. A building designer, draftsperson or architect can help guide you through your renovation decision process and facilitate you with the proposed draft. Sometimes, you may need to engage a structural engineer to inspect the site before making any decision, as revisions to the drawings can cause delays and additional costs.

Altez Engineering specialises in a wide range of structural engineering services, including building extension, remodelling and alteration projects. Our engineers can prepare a detailed engineering plan in conjunction with your architectural plans. The structural design involving the existing structure and remodelling is an art and science of understanding the behaviour of structural members subjected to loads and designing them with economy and elegance to give a safe, serviceable and durable structure. We will assess your drawings and carry out our inspection to assist you in achieving your project objectives with economical designs without compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Altez Engineering can prepare a complete engineering plan for renovation or extension needs. This includes footing design, steel design, timber design, floor framing design and roof framing design. We typically need your proposed architectural plan and a soil test report to estimate the design fee. Our drawings are prepared using AutoCAD and can be sent to you in PDF format so you can easily share the drawings with your builders, surveyors and council.

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building extension and structural alterations
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