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Altez Engineering provides leading soil testing services in Melbourne for residential and commercial properties. If you need a soil test for construction, renovations, or for purchasing property, our engineers can conduct a test and provide you with the results in as little as 24 hours. Contact us to book a test today.

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Why Choose Altez Engineering?

For decades, Altez has provided expert soil testing and structural engineering services for both residential, commercial, and industrial structures. We understand that each situation is unique, and we approach every issue with a fresh set of eyes.

Our expertise enables us to deliver outstanding outcomes every time, allowing you to make confident decisions regarding your project. Whether you need residential or commercial soil testing, we'll deliver the results you need.

  • Competitive ensure you can get the services you need.
  • All soil tests and inspections come with a comprehensive report delivered in under 24 hours.
  • We use industry-leading technology for the most accurate results.
  • With full professional indemnity insurance and a satisfaction guarantee, we can provide complete peace of mind.
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What Does Soil Testing Involve?

Soil testing is the process of taking samples of soil from your property and testing it in a laboratory to determine its physical and chemical properties. This information is then used to make decisions about how best to manage and improve the soil.

Before property ownership can be transferred or construction can be started, federal and state regulatory bodies demand minimum cleanup levels. This is to limit the chances of exposing people to soil contaminants, either through direct ingestion, inhalation or absorption through the skin.

Our team take soil samples from the site for soil analysis and laboratory testing. We can test for soil structure, soil texture, acidity, chemicals, metals, asbestos and more, identifying anything in the soil that could pose issues for the property development and those working on it. Through this, we can provide you with a complete report detailing everything we find, ready for you to hand over to the relevant authorities.

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Our Soil Testing Services

We offer a range of soil contamination testing services designed to provide you with all the data and information you need to progress your project or transaction to the next stage.

Residential Soil Testing

If you're planning to build a new home or undertake an extension or landscaping project, it's important to have the soil on your property tested first. This will help to ensure that the ground is suitable for the planned work and identify any potential issues that could cause problems further down the line.

Commercial Soil Testing

Most commercial construction projects will require a Soil Test to be carried out as part of the process. Soil testing can help to identify any potential risks or problems that could impact the project, such as contaminated land or unstable ground. It's important to get this data early on so that any necessary remediation work can be carried out before construction begins.

Property Inspections

We also carry out soil testing as part of our standard property inspections. Our experts will assess and test your property to identify any potential risks that could affect your plans. You'll also get a report containing all the information the relevant authorities require.
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Do I Need Soil Testing?

If you're building or renovating a property, it's likely that the soil will need to be tested before you can proceed. Often you'll need a soil test if you're buying or selling property as well, as the information is used by authorities to ensure that there aren't any chemical or physical conditions on the site that might affect the property or the people in it.

The specialists at Altez Engineering can help with whatever soil testing your construction project requires. We have the knowledge and tools to finish any job correctly, with years of experience in soil testing and other property inspection services. We provide soil testing services for properties in Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo and across Victoria. Book your soil test and we can have the results returned to you in as little as 24 hours.

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With a team of qualified engineers and property inspectors and professional service, Altez can provide you with the services you need for your project. Discuss your requirements with us today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a quote.
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