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The primary objective of an expert report is typically to present defensible written documentation that directly addresses concerns of a technical nature. These reports will likely be presented to a wide range of audiences, including non-technical individuals like homeowners, judges, jury members or arbitrators. Therefore, the expert reports must be readily comprehensible to those who need to make use of these conclusions. Typically, in any expert report, the background information provided by the client precedes observations, observations precede analysis, and analysis precedes conclusions. The opinions will form naturally in the audience's mind when facts are presented and explained in a logical flow, backed up with strategically inserted expert opinions and citations from the relevant Australian Standards, Building Codes (BCA) and National Construction Codes (NCC).

Altez Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in writing expert reports for disputes matters. In our site inspections, we undertake forensic engineering approach to understand the disputed matter and prepare a report that presents our investigation methods, application of professional instruments, inspection findings, modelling results, points of argument and conclusions in a professional manner to assist you in your case. In addition, depending on your barrister's requests, we can prepare an expert witness report, expert opinion report and forensic engineering report for your VCAT disputes. If you are experiencing a building dispute that requires expert advice as to whether you can make a case or present points of claims to lodge an application, submit your query below or contact the office directly at for further instructions.

On the other hand, if someone is lodging an application against you and you are requested to present points of defence, submit your documents to the same email address.

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