building footing design

Footings are located at the bottom of a structure and act to transfer loads of the building to the foundation materials below. Footings are usually the first stage of any construction project. Footings design is critical to any construction as the purpose of the footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling. An experienced engineer will take into account the geotechnical details of the soil when designing the footings of a building. Most of the common footings in the residential buildings are reinforced slabs and stumps. The placement of footings is crucial to provide the appropriate support for the foundation and, ultimately, the structure. Correct design and constructions are critical, as repairs and replacement can be expensive. Poorly designed footings can lead to structural failures, such as cracks and distorted walls. Concrete footings may be also be required for small projects like decking, pergola, retaining walls, driveways and others.


Our team specialises in footing design and can provide you with a cost-effective and quality design for your next home. Some projects require a different type of footing, such as stump footing, and we can facilitate the engineering drawings. In addition, our team can advise on the depth of the footings, width, dimensions of the reinforcement bars and others. There are some other important factors to be considered in the design process, which are the foundation type, susceptibility to movements from moisture changes, impacts of the surrounding environment and others. If you are looking for a qualified structural engineer to facilitate an engineering drawing for your next projects, you should contact us at

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